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People + Ideas = Value
Research Flowchart
        While a formal legal education can be helpful for patent writing and prosecution, it isn't necessary. What really counts is having a solid engineering or science background. Patent professionals need to have the technical skills to understand and explain inventions with clarity. These skills can only come with experience earned in the field.
        Patent agents tend to be battle-hardened engineers or scientists who have the real-world experience that counts. This helps them gain the technical expertise required to write and prosecute patents. In addition to having technical expertise, a registered patent agent has passed the rigorous patent exam. This difficult exam is required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Hence, patent agents combine real-world experience with the tough registration requirements of the USPTO. This combination makes patent agents highly qualified to write and prosecute patents for their clients.
         At Jelic Patent Services, we hire only very experienced scientists and engineers to work with our clients. We value what our people have accomplished in the past and encourage them to work with our clients for the future. Give us the opportunity to work with your patents and we'll show you the benefits of experience.