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Don't Over-Pay For Your Patent Services!
Waste of Research Dollars
        Here are the raw facts. The national average rate for a lawyer is $266 per hour (2006 Survey of Law Firm Economics, Altman Weil Pensa Publications). At Jelic Patent Services, the standard rate for our patent agents is $120 per hour. Jelic Patent Services offers clients personal service, technical expertise, and detailed patent knowledge at less than half the cost.
        In addition to our very competitive rates, Jelic Patent Services offers flat-rate pricing for a large portion of our business. Clients are provided a free consultation and up-front understanding of the costs of acquiring a patent before making the investment. At Jelic Patent Services, we are committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurism through affordable and reliable patent services.
        A sample of our pricing is given below. Please contact us to further discuss your needs.
Standard billing rate                                                              $120/hour
Initial consultation (in person at Jelic Patent Services)              $60 (prepaid)
Patent search and patentability opinion                                   $600
Write and file a provisional patent application
(includes $1,440 credit toward non-provisional patent appl.)    $2,400
Patent drawings                                                                     Varies
Cost to write and file a basic utility patent                               $3,840
Cost to write and file an advanced utility patent                       $4,800
Cost to write and file a design patent                                       $900
Cost to write and file a PCT application (international patent)    Varies

NOTE: Pricing does not include USPTO or WIPO fees.